Earth Fare Athlete Ambassador



I have loved Earth Fare “The Healthy Supermarket” since it opened here in Birmingham. Earth Fare believes in selling food that is as close to the ground as it gets. In the latter part of 2013, Earth Fare shared that they were on a mission “looking for athletes with a passion for healthy living and a commitment to building strong communities.” What an awesome way to pay it forward! I decided to take the next step and I’m so happy that I did. I have been selected to be an Earth Fare Athlete Ambassador also know as an Earthlete!

Earth Fare’s Food Philosophy:

  • No high-fructose corn syrup
  • No artificial fats or artificial trans fats
  • No artificial colors
  • No artificial flavors
  • No artificial preservatives
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones in their fresh meat or dairy
  • No bleached or bromated flour




As an Ambassador I will…

  • Give a one-year commitment.
  • Participate in three public competitive events per year.
  • Refer at least two new Athlete Ambassadors.
  • Log and submit my mileage.
  • Hand out discount coupons to fellow athletes.


I am really excited about this new opportunity and I hope to encourage others along this journey! Trust me, I have my days where I just don’t feel like it or I have a moment where I say to myself, “I could have made a better choice [there]“. It’s quite alright. The important thing is to get back to what’s important and keep pushing. This journey is for life so no need to feel like it can’t be done. It can and it will! Every step towards better health, big or small, is a step in the right direction.

I am an Earthlete! In the words of Jeff Galloway, “See you on the road!”

Southern Nights, Jazzy Days

We took it to the city, downtown Birmingham (Entertainment District), to kick-off my birthday celebration! The new entertainment district has been an awesome addition to our city with a lot of new places to try out—Texas de Brazil, Mugshots Grill & Bar (in the works), Octane Coffee (bar) just to name a few. My HB & I wanted to try something new so we chose The Southern Kitchen and Bar. They had live music and the atmosphere was very relaxed. Tried out some menu items and I’ll just say, I’m so glad we did! We discovered some awesomeness!

wpid-2014-04-11-10.36.39.jpg.jpegHand-Cut Honey Jalapeño Fries—Don’t knock it to you try it!

wpid-2014-04-11-10.38.12.jpg.jpeg Plantation Pimento Cheese Dip—a blend of sharp cheddar cheeses and served with pita chips. All made in house. This dip is also great served warm. Yumtastic!

wpid-2014-04-11-10.37.30.jpg.jpegGimlet Martini called, “The Walker”—This was created just for me! Thank you, Emily!


After church on Sunday we dined at one of our favorites, FIVE. They have an amazing Jazz Brunch and the food is delicious! Great menu options, including $2 Mimosas, $3 Bellinis, and can’t forget beignets.

imageIf you like Bloody Mary’s then you will love the Bloody Mary Bar. You can customize your own and make it just how you want it!

imageShrimp ‘N’ Grits—Blackened Gulf shrimp, conecuh sausage, onions, bell peppers and gouda-goat cheese grits. So good!


imageBreakfast Cheeseburger—8 oz burger, fried egg, bacon relish, American cheese with hand-cut fries. One of my favorites!

wpid-20140406_173509.jpgThere was not enough room so we opted for caramel-apple beignets to go. Of course I had to add whipped topping and cinnamon sprinkles! Mmmm!

Great food makes for great celebrations!


A Brazilian Birthday with Extra Frosting!

I woke up at 5 a.m. the morning of my birthday to get my “Birthday Run” in— 3.4 miles to kick-off the big 3-4! When I got to work that morning, my sweet coworkers surprised me with a Birthday Breakfast: breakfast wraps and Krispy Kreme (my weakness).


wpid-20140408_072419.jpgBirthday “Run” Bling—I Ran for Cake on my Birthday!


wpid-20140408_083803.jpgAlthough the forecast said that it was going to storm, I’m thankful that God allowed the sun to shine on my birthday!

  wpid-wp-1397138019566.jpegThen this happened. My sweet husband surprised me with cupcakes from Dreamcakes!

wpid-screenshot_2014-04-05-18-27-22-1.pngThis was such a nice birthday surprise waiting in my inbox, especially since dining from the regular bar is $42.99 per person. A birthday perk ain’t ever hurt nobody! I will definitely put this to use in the upcoming weeks.

wpid-screenshot_2014-04-08-19-19-33-1.pngI guess you can tell where I’m having my birthday dinner! You know the older you get, you sometimes have to put things on your calendar to remind yourself. O_o

wpid-2014-04-11-12.55.31.jpg.jpegServing 1980′s vintage realness in the midst of a bipolar spring!

wpid-2014-04-11-10.39.37.jpg.jpeg I’ve been a huge fan of Texas de Brazil (Brazilian-style steakhouse) since 2007! Want to know why? Read their overview here. I was beyond elated when I found out there was one opening in Birmingham. You can read that post here. My birthday dinner at TDB was a must!

wpid-2014-04-11-19.27.05.jpg.jpegCoconut Mandarin Mojito! So refreshing!

wpid-20140314_194230.jpgGotta love place cards! Turn it to green (“Sim, Por Favor”) and the “troop of carvers” will come by your table. Turn your place card to red (“Não, Obrigado”) and either you need a minute or you have thrown in the towel! The various cuts of meat are perfection. Mashed Potatoes (enough for four people), Fried Bananas, and Brazilian cheese rolls are served with dinner. My absolute favorites are the Brazilian Sausage, Garlic Sirloin, and Lobster Bisque with steamed white rice. I have a few honorable mentions that include grilled pineapple and sushi from the salad bar. Okay, let’s just say the entire salad bar and carving queue. I’m serious—everything is so good!




David and the TDB staff took great care of us and made sure my (our) dining experience was beyond spectacular! I received a complimentary dessert, Brazilian Cheesecake, that will melt in your mouth.


Love & Laughter: Sinfully Chocolate Ice Cream Cake!

All in all, I had a FABulous birthday! I’m very grateful for everyone and their thoughtfulness. It truly made my birthday special! Here’s to many more! *Toasts Dasani Sparkling*

runDisney Princess Half Marathon 2014 recap! Finally!

My first runDisney and Princess Half Marathon experience was absolutely AH-MAZING! I can honestly say—the Princess Half Marathon was one of the most incredible experiences of my life! I had such a blast and the support along the course made it even more memorable! With over 24, 000 runners, there was never a dull moment. From men dressed up like Princesses rockin’ full tutus and all, Galloway interval beepers going off, characters along the course, long tinkle lines, hearing the Frozen theme song “Let It Go” blasting as you pass by—to just being surrounded by pure amazement. There was nothing like it. The whole weekend was incredible and you couldn’t help but feel like a kid  again—and a Princess of course!

 Princess Prepped!

20140222_200806I absolutely loved dressing up as Princess Tiana! How could I not? What made it even more awesome was rockin’ a #TeamSparkle skirt and shwings fit for a Princess!


Close up of my Princess (Crown) shwings I got at the Expo. They are adorable!

2014-02-23 04.45.19After a 1:30 a.m. wake-up call, this Princess is ready!

  wpid-20140223_043420.jpgThe DJ had us pumped and it was only 4.a.m.!

20140223_043223No race can start without the Wobble! Yes, the Wobble! We were jammin’!


20140223_035010This is my “I can’t believe we’re about to head to our corral” face. I’m mixed with all kinds of emotions at this point. Nerves, excitement, joy…everything.

wpid-20140223_050405_lls.jpg Waiting for the race to start.

 20140223_060725After waiting in our “holding area” the corrals were finally being called. I was in Corral K. As each corral wave made it to the start line, there was an explosion of beautiful fireworks. It took our corral about 45 minutes.

 20140223_064034Love me some Donald!

       20140223_073613We made it to Tomorrowland!


Magic Kingdom!

20140223_073334Running through the parks was so much fun! The crowd support was amazing!

raceu2thecastleRace you to the castle!






wpid-20140223_081507-1.jpgThe Incredibles! Along the course were opportunities to take pictures with various Disney characters. There were even lines with hundreds of people waiting to take their picture. I was not trying to wait. Even the tinkle lines moved faster. Although I was not aiming for a PR or time goal, I didn’t want to get too far behind. There were just that many people. I did get some great snap shots along the way!

20140223_090041Almost there!


My favorite girl—Ariel!

20140223_093651Home stretch!

wpid-20140223_094547.jpgI made it—and then some!

2014-02-23 14.20.18

I loved everything about the course although my feet felt like they were on fire! Literally! There were some places where you had to run on a bank and for some reason my socks and shoes + humidity = not happy. I won’t even gross you out with the blisters. Just know, I won’t run a distance race without 2 Toms again! All in all—this girl was happy to finish the race! My Hubby was so confused on where to find me, bless his heart. There were so many people. He was taking pictures of me before we made it to the finish line and had to make his way back to me. Finally after about 30 minutes he found me almost passed out, shoes kicked off—looking crayyy! I was so happy to see a familiar face! He was so proud of me and having him as my cheerleader meant so much!

wpid-20140223_095848.jpgI got some swag and a box of snacks! As you see, I’m still on the ground with my shoes kicked off! It was so HOT and sunny! I was ready to get on the shuttle to head back to the resort to relax and get some nourishment!

20140223_153035Rested up a bit now this Princess is ready for Downtown Disney!


  Downtown Disney!


2014-02-23 16.51.13-1-1-1



20140223_170836Had to take a picture with The Hulk! I shared here about the Avengers Super Hero Half Marathon weekend coming in November. Find out more here.

wpid-IMG_20140223_174604.jpgBefore going to see the Disney Performing Arts School perform, we went by Ghirardelli’s Soda Fountain OMG! My sundae was well deserved after completing 13.1 miles of Magic! :)

20140223_180252We had to visit Mr. Potato Head!




Hey Herbie! You gotta admit, he looks pretty sweet at night!

IMG_0113Bye Herbie! *sad face*

20140223_113310Last Magical meal before heading home.

20140224_061929I’m going to miss the Happiest Place on Earth!


20140224_073019Okay, I couldn’t decide.

 20140224_110819I had no idea there were so many “Princesses” on my same flight! It’s true that Alabama Girls run Disney! 

“So this is love, So this is what makes life divine.” —Cinderella

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