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Civil Rights leader, Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, died today at the age of 89. Rev. Shuttlesworth was an activist who led the fight against segregation and racism. He was co-founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) which is an organization close to me. My Dad was very active with the organization and marched alongside him many years ago.

Rev. Shuttlesworth was described in a 1961 CBS documentary as “the man most feared by Southern racists”. He survived beatings, bombings, sit-ins, repeated jailings, assaults, firehoses, and countless arrests while fighting for justice. I remember when my sister was younger she had to recite a poem called, the “Ballad of Birmingham“. That immediately came to mind when I heard of his passing.

I can share a list of ALL the amazing things he’s done until I’ve reached my word count capacity and that still would not be enough room to say thank you. Rev. Shuttlesworth has etched an eternal mark in my city Birmingham (AL) and many, many lives! A true pioneer and leader that will be greatly missed and forever remembered!

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I’m also sad about the passing of co-founder of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, today at the age of 56. We know all about those great Apple products (iTouch, iPod, and yes..even the iPhone); but he also served as chief executive of Pixar Animations Studios, and the leader of many other endeavors! A computer guru and inventor – simply genius!

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My friend took to her twitter page and tweeted:

 @BlitzAndGlam What do you know abt playing Oregon Trail on an Apple computer in elementary school in the early 80s?

Those were good memories! Wow! What a long way we’ve come!


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