Marley Braids Return This Fall

Just in case you missed my Marley Braids over the Summer, don’t worry they’ll make a comeback soon. It’s a really fun, easy way to wear my hair and keep it protected. I used the crochet method and it didn’t take me long at all. I don’t know where you live, but I’m in the South and errrr…ummm it gets pretty cold and I like to stay warm! That includes my scalp!  These braids are amongst many things I will do to my hair this Fall/Winter!

Y’all know I can’t keep still when it comes to my hair. I MUST change it up…OFTEN! I don’t know why I didn’t blog about my second installment back in August, but I did take pics. Anyhoo…Enjoy!

Twisted and Styled: Each time I get a different result



  1. Claaudzz says:

    Hi :)
    I was just wondering whether you crocheted your whole head or did you do pick and drop braids at the front?
    Thank you x

  2. Anonymous says:

    Let me start by saying your work is BEAUTIFUL and I really appreciate you sharing this hairstyle ! I just have a few questions……
    1) How long did this take ?
    2) Can you wash this ? If you did wash, was the texture of the hair still in tact afterward ?
    3) Is there alot of shedding ?
    4) How long can I have this in before it looks bad ?
    Thank you for your time !

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