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My Summer Senegalese Twists

I’m back from my awesome trip in New Orleans, where my hubby and I attended the Essence Music Festival for the very first time! We had an absolute BLAST! Of course you know TONS of pics will be coming soon! Well me being me, craving a new look with my hair, I was ready as soon as I got back! I did loc extensions back in the Winter — took me 18 hours might I add — and I really didn’t want to do those again just yet. Well…

I’ve been saying for the past year that I was going to get Senegalese twists. I wanted something on this style for my next trip, so I decided to give them a trial run and have them completed in the Summer like I planned. I didn’t just get them, I did them myself! *pats self on back* I really LOVE the way they turned out! So perfect for Summer! They are semi-chunky, waist length, and took me about 10 hours.

Here are a few pics:

Senegalese Twists - My Pretty Brown Blog

Senegalese Twists - My Pretty Brown BlogHere is better lighting.

Senegalese Twists - My Pretty Brown Blog

I ridiculously love these twists and they have become an instant favorite! If you’re looking for something fun for Summer like twists, braids, etc. Clutch has 3 Braid Styles to Try This Summer! Check it out here!



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35 thoughts on “My Summer Senegalese Twists

  1. Tonya says:

    I love your hair!!! I had an image in my mind of how I want to do my hair and this is it lol. What type of hair did you use?

  2. June 23. (@withlovecece) says:

    Its so full & thick i love them! I want to get mine done next week as a protective style because I am a little tired of struggling with my transitional TWA! How would you recommend me to explain to the braider at the African Braiding Salons how to braid my hair just like THIS! I want it just like this they look so full! can you post a pic of how it looks in a bun, I definitely want fullness so i can rock a fun bun! & how did you end the twists, how many packs of hair did you use, and what color.. questions questions questions, but i just googled this & fell in love even more with senegalese twists! i cant wait to get my own!

    • My Pretty Brown Blog says:

      Thank you!!! I’m sure the African braiding salons know exactly what they (Senegalese Twists) are. Mine are semi-chunky. I knew I didn’t have the patience to do them small my first time. I did loc extensions back in the winter and they took about 20 hours…so I wanted to cut that time down and try something new! I’m definitely going to post a pic with my high bun. I actually wear it up a lot, because it’s so hot down here in the South! I typically go for darker hair colors 1, 1B, etc. you can always add a pop of color of your choice. Most braiders use 100% Kanekelon hair or something similar. It’s a matter of preference. You will absolutely love them!!! I would love to see pics once you get them. I’m on twitter (@MyPrettyBrown) so feel free to follow me and share your pic! =)

  3. Ashley says:

    Hi, what did you do to your tips? Did you dip in hot water? I’m getting mine like this today and I don’t want burned ends

  4. Hai says:

    Hi A’jae I’m also getting this hairstyle done and I have 100% Kanekelon hair but I’m not sure if Kanekelon comes in different textures or if they are all the same. The packet that I have is M30/1B, I tried it but the texture seems too silky for the style and does not look nothing like the texture you have on. Should I keep what I have or should i buy a different texture of hair?

    • Domo says:

      Get the kinky kind – the silkier stuff won’t be thick enough for this look. The kinky kind just hasn’t been heat treated for smoothness and it’s usually cheaper. Get some Jumbo braids, you can find them for $1-$3 at most hair stores or online :)

    • My Pretty Brown Blog says:


      I have been on vacation and still am, but I decided to check my email. You left a msg 3 days ago. So… It is always helpful to research (YouTube, Google etc) for yourself, because what works for me may not work for you. And I did use the “silky” kanekalon because I did not like the heaviness of the “kinky”/Marley hair with my twists this long. You control how thick you want YOUR twists. The kinky may work for a shorter look unless you are okay with them the size you choose. I also like the fact that the silky Kanek. presented a smoother look for me. Again, it is all up to what works for you.

        • My Pretty Brown Blog says:

          I really free-styled it, but I would say a little less than 1/2 inch wide especially in the back. I made those parts bigger. In the middle and top I made them smaller (abt 1/4 inch) to give it more fullness. I didn’t use perfect parts either. I grabbed and braided. I still made them neat though.

  5. Kristin says:

    Since you used Kanelon, were you able to wash your hair in these twists without them getting fuzzy? I love the look, but would hate for them not to be able to withstand a weekly wash, because I work out….

    • My Pretty Brown Blog says:

      Hi Kristin: I actually sprayed my hair daily with a water/essential oil mix and I did wash it once and I kept them up for a month. Probably about 2 1/2 weeks in. Now they may get a little fuzzy if you wash it, but I still think you will be fine.

  6. Kayon says:

    I just loove your hair and will be getting mine done this weekend. I am doing this style to give my hair a rest and to also grow my edges. Did it damage your edges?

    • My Pretty Brown Blog says:

      Thank you so much! These did not damage my edges at all. Also I braid my hair myself so I’m very careful not to install them tight at all. I almost leave a little room as if I’ve had them for a week or so. Keep you hair moisturized and make sure your Braidstress never braids too tight. If they do, tell them to loosen up. As far as your edges, you should look into purchasing/investing in Jamaican Black Castor Oil. It works great for healthy hair, growth, etc. You can Google it or perhaps find it in your local beauty supply or health food store. Hope this helps!

  7. Domo says:

    I really want these done! The semi-chucky looks so good and full I’m just super nervous about not looking good or if someone can do them as well as you did yours….
    How long do they last. I want mine to last through summer and I noticed the texture of these isn’t too silky. Will they do bad with a bunch of swimming and washing?

  8. Karina says:

    U look beautiful!! I was wondering if u did any swimming. Im planning a vacay n im completely in love with this but im afraid to end up with a hot mess on my head while far from home. Thank u!

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