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        1. 唐山華冶鋼管制造有限公司
          • 電話:0315-8455555
          • 傳真:0315-8455566
          • 手機:13933333501
          • 13933333591
          • EMAIL:fnjzg@163.com
          • 網址:www.myprettybrownblog.com
          • 地址:河北省唐山市豐南區大齊鎮井屯村
          • 華冶承諾:
          • 保證原材料帶鋼的質量
          • 不生產質量不合格的產品
          • 保證每一根腳手架鋼管質量
          • 零缺點的焊接過程
            唐山華冶腳手架鋼管廠成立于2004年,注冊資金1000萬,并在2007年通過了ISO9001質量體系認證,擁有四條國內先進腳手架管機組生產線,和11條引進具有先進的德國西門子PLC全自動控制系統的鋼棒生產線,是一家專業生產銷售架子管、盤扣式腳手架焊管、精密鋼管、熱鍍鋅鋼管、預應力混凝土用PC鋼棒和熱軋帶鋼的廠家。華冶生產的腳手架鋼管外表美觀,管壁均勻,材質真實,性能穩定,尺寸精確,價格優惠。唐山華冶配備有完善的檢驗實驗室和計量、檢測為一體的產品質量保證體系,腳手架管和PC鋼棒年產銷量在40萬噸以上。位于河北省唐山市豐南區大齊工業園區。地理位置優越,毗鄰唐港高速、唐津高速距唐山市區10分鐘車程。 提供架子管出口配送、裝箱、商檢、報關、出口憑條、憑單、許可證備案等一條龍服務。唐山華冶腳手架管廠出口量在唐山腳手架管行業中名列前茅。公司秉承“顧客至上,銳意進取”的經營理念,堅持“客戶第一”的原則為廣大客戶提供優質的服務。歡迎惠顧!
                Tanshan Huaye Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd.is welded by steel rods and high frequency tube private prestressed concrete was founded in 2004 specializing in the production of enterprises,in 2007 through the ISO9001 quality system certification and obtained the steel bar production license,register fund 10000000.Now has 12 with advanced German Siemens PLC industrial computer full automatic control, the steel bar production line and four domestic advanced solid-state high-frequency shelf pipe production line.The company's main products are:prestressed concrete steel bar ,pipe rack , steel scaffolding and other paint, lacquer pipe. Under the trading company operating a variety of angle steel, channel steel, i steel profiles. The current staff of the company's more than 300 people. the company is equipped with product quality inspection laboratory and measure, perfect detection is an assurance system,to ensure the quality of the products. Company factory located in Hebei Province,Fengnan District of tangshan City Daqi Qiqihar Industrial Park, adjacent to Hong Kong Express Tang Jin expressway,from Tangshan city only 10 minutes, the smooth road, convenient traffic, is extremely advantageous geographical location.
                    The company PC steel bars and tubes in the annual sales of more than 400000 tons. For PC steel bar and pipe rack export distribution, packing, commodity inspection, customs clearance,export bill, boucher, license for all in one service for ou customers. The company stand pipe exports come out in front in the same industry in Tangshan. Of production, sales,product coverage in North China area called the ringleader.
                    The company by virtue of high-quality products,good reputation, quality service,allows the company's products sell well in more than 20 provinces, city,autonomous regions,and exported to Vietnam,Korea,Bangladesh,Jordan,Yemen,Saudi,Sri Lanka,Ethiopia and other countries.
                    The company sincerely look forward to working with colleagues from all walks of life, and the domestic and foreign merchants win-win cooperation, common development,create brilliant!look!
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