Natural “Hair-O-Ween” Inspired by Grace Jones

Grace Jones by Art

I’m a Hair Enthusiast! Hair…is just something that I love! I’ve always been a fan of fly, funky, and fun and can’t forget easy to manage. Every fall/winter I protective style with either braids, twists, or locs. Looking for some ideas for a Fall Festival? And guess what!? Even if you don’t “celebrate” Halloween, you can still dress up and have fun! Last year, I wanted to do something fun, but having my faux locs installed — I had no clue what. Then I came across Franchesca “Chescaleigh” Ramsey’s (Chescalocs) Natural Hair-O-Ween video where she collaborated with other naturals on YouTube. When I ran across Ambrosia Malbrough’s Grace Jones Hair-O-Ween tutorial, I said–that’s IT!  I absolutely love Grace Jones so I figured out a way to make her look work with my locs. This is not a tutorial (you can view the video below), but to show you the final result and inspire you with some ideas!


I am none other than… Grace Jones, the “remarkably unchanged”, a true living legend, fashion icon, and FIERCE unequivocal beauty!

  Sataya Peace

Make-up: I made Ambrosia’s look my own, but used similar tones. Just have fun with it!

Face: MAC – Studio Fix “Fluid” NW46

Face: Ruby Kisses – 3D Face Creator – Level 8

Eyes: Coastal Scents (88 color palette) Shadow: darker shades for my eyes

Mascara: L’Oreal Carbon

Cheeks/Face:  Cover Girl – Ebony Bronzer

Lip Liner: Jaguar Luxury Cosmetics – Plum and Black

Lipstick:  Revlon – VaVa Violet with a hint of Cover Girl – Embrace

Sataya Cat

View Ambrosia’s Grace Jones – Natural Hair-O-Ween Tutorial

Here are more videos from the Natural Hair-O-Ween Collab!

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Grace Jones


Grace Sataya


Merry Christmas Eve! Yep, I’m Still At It…

xmaseveI’m just now sitting down to take a breather from running around. Got all my shopping done Thank God, Publix stayed open long enough for me to pick up my “oops I forgot” item (celery) for my dressing, UPS just delivered my package as promised–now I’m listening to R&B Christmas Classics and sippin’ on Egg Nog.

I’ve really enjoyed this holiday season and I’m excited about what is to come! I’m so glad my Sister came home, even for a short while.  I even visited some cool places and attended some really great events.

 menlisaMy friend Lisa and I visited Whoville!

lisame She really loved these fun trees so we had to have our picture taken by them.

christmasgridReceived the sweetest gifts from some of the greatest coworkers! These are just a few.

meandsissy2My Sissy came home!

ahccAttended “A Highlands Christmas” for the very first time! It was amazing!!! The candlelight service was my absolute favorite part!

meandbooIt was snowing!


Photo: Instagram


Photo: Instagram

It’s amazing what light to a dark world can do!

…now it’s time to get started cooking! Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!!

A Special Delivery Plus One

meandsissy3This past weekend I received a special delivery (+1)! My Sissy came home for a short visit and words cannot begin to tell you how ecstatic I was to see her. A few years ago, she moved to the West Coast with her family. There’s been a few visits here and there, but there’s nothing like the convenience of getting in your car to drive to see each other. We have always been extremely close (best friends), so it has been a huge adjustment. I miss her, my sweet nephews, and my bro-law immensely–but it only gives me a great excuse to visit–which is already in the works for 2014! Having the opportunity to see her, get lots of hugs and kisses (yes, we still do this), and laughs was the best Christmas gift EVER! We had to cram everything she wanted to do into one day–meaning going to all of her favorite spots, a new dessert (coming soon), spending time with family, and church.


While she was here, she wanted to visit our church! She has heard me talk about Church of the Highlands for some time now and couldn’t wait to visit!


sissynmeaArrived in time to get great seats and our coffee fix! The message from Dino Rizzo was awesome. God’s Christmas gift to us… “He will save us, He is with us, & He is for us.” It doesn’t get any better than that!

meandsissy2Couldn’t leave without getting a “family photo” by the beautiful tree!

Seeing my Sister and Auntie’s Baby (almost ready to board) was a beautiful reminder of God’s love. Family is such a blessing and there’s nothing that can replace them. Love them, cherish them, and never take them for granted!

sister quotes

Image via

A Little Naughty and Nice ~ Jezebel Brownies


Ho! Ho! Ho! The holiday season is in full effect and Christmas is around the corner! I have been going nonstop—closing out the year, knocking out everything on my Christmas list, enjoying holiday parties, and the list goes on. I absolutely love the holidays because there’s always something new to cook, tasty to eat, or fun to bake! Everyone has probably heard of my infamous Slutty Brownies by now. Well, I ran across the Winter Edition Oreo’s and I knew instantly I wanted to remix the original recipe found here. What better way than a new name!? Since the “S” word seems kinda harsh for the holidays, I decided to call this new edition “Jezzy” (Jezebel) Brownies! Ok look–it’s really hard to escape the name of this sinful, yumtastic goodness. Same concept, with a slight twist. I love the Winter Edition Oreo’s because they give you a little more creme than the regular and a little less than the Double Stuff–a happy medium.




Recipe! Winter Wonderland—Oowey Gooey  Jezebel “Jezzy” Brownies

Nutritional Facts: I dare NOT!


UPDATE: If it’s outside of the holiday season, regular Oreos will work perfect. As for brownie mix, I like the one listed below. However, you can still use any regular box of brownie mix for 8×8 or 9×9. Visit original recipe here.

What you will need:

  • Winter Edition Oreo Cookies (red creme)
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (roll ready to bake)
  • Betty Crocker Chocolate Chunk with Hershey’s Brownie Mix, regular box (for a family size use a 13×9 box of brownie mix)
  • Oil
  • Egg


Here are the Steps:

  1. I recommend placing parchment paper on the bottom of your dish/pan to keep them from sticking. 8×8 will work, but 9×9 will give you more room.
  2. Next, squish the cookie dough in the bottom of the pan – this is the bottom layer (see original post).
  3. Then, place Oreo cookies on top of the squished cookie dough – this is the middle layer
  4. After you’ve followed instructions for the brownie mix, add it to the top later.


Need a breakdown?

Take the roll of cookie dough and add a little oil (you won’t need a lot–maybe a leveled tbsp). You can skip this step, but because the cookies will bake for 40 minutes (which is longer than the normal baking time) the oil will keep them from drying out.

Add your layer of Oreo’s.

Next, pour your brownie mix on top of the the two layers and let them cook for 40 minutes. Test brownies with a knife to see if the center is done. If the knife comes out with batter on it, allow the brownies to bake about 5 more minutes.

Once they are complete…Eat Eat!


imageIt’s a Winter Wonderland–with snowflakes and ice skates featuring Gingy & Frosty!

imagePour it up! Pour it up!


This Oowey-Gooey goodness is beyond comprehension! Just…AMAZING! Enjoy!