Countdown to Nash!

The countdown is on for the Women’s Running Series Nashville 5K/Half Marathon! I’m so excited because this will be my first Women’s Running Series race and my fifth half marathon. I’ve heard great things about this series and I look forward to sharing the pavement with all of the awesome ladies (and gents) and other Half Fanatics! Yes, the series is open to both men and women participants—but sorry men, age group and overall awards will be given to female participants only and you can’t start in the first corral. But, that’s okay! You still get a sweet finisher’s medal.

The Women’s Running Series is walker friendly and for athletes of all speeds and sizes! All you have to do is maintain a 18 minute per mile or less and you’re good to go! I love races like these because there’s not so much pressure. There are certain races that I like to be more focused about pace/time, but this race I want to have fun and enjoy the course! I love to take photos too! Yes, I’m the young lady in the sparkle skirt on the course taking selfies. Running should be fun, right!? Anything to take my mind off of the miles ahead is fun to me. I’ll leave the stuffiness to the “elites”. Just sayin’…

RunWRS Perks:

  • Shop your heart out at the Health & Fitness Expotique
  • Take home your well deserved Finisher’s Medal and exclusive charm!
  • Run our scenic half marathon & 5k courses with stunning city views.
  • Celebrate at the finish line festival featuring a Sweet Retreat, Freshen Up Lounge & Champagne toast!


Here’s a sneak peek of the finisher’s medal!


Photo: Women’s Running Series

I can’t wait to earn that medal! In the meantime, I’ll be dusting off my cowboy boots. You can learn more about the Women’s Running Series here!


Happy Running!


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Update! Fitbit Bling + New Accessories

I absolutely love my Fitbit Flex! I’ve had it since February and I wear it daily. The only complaint I have is how easily it can come off if I snag it just right. I’ve had a few close encounters where I almost lost it. Talk about panic mode! The first time my Flex accidentally caught the strap of my handbag. The second time it caught the grocery bag as I slipped the bag on my forearm. Clearly, I thought I was “Incredible Hulkette” carrying 50 bags out of the grocery store sans buggy. The third time, I thought I lost it in Wal-mart. I furiously drove back to see if it were in the path of my grocery list. As I was getting out of my car, to my surprise, it was on the side of my seat. *Praise Break and thank you, Jesus!* because this is a $100+ investment. I looked online to see if I could find something that could fix this issue.

FitbitblingI Googled “Fitbit fastener and clasp” and came up with quite a few options. Amazon and eBay had a variety. Of course I went with colorful! :)



fitbling2 Here’s a closer look of the fasteners and clasps. So excited that I found these! There were so many fun colors to choose from. Just slide the fastener on the band and it will snug your band like a watch fastener. The clasp is interchangeable too! I love my free gift from the company! I sent half of them to my sister to have a little bling fun! You can find the clasps and/or fastener accessories here, and here, and also here—or you can Google and see what you can find.

And BTW…

Tory Burch for Fitbit has launched!

You can find the new Tory Burch Fitbit collection here. I think I have enough bands (4) for now, but here are a few of the accessories that I like:

TBGdTB pink

Fitbit also has some new, cool features:

  • Run stats, route maps, and music controls. Yesssss…to MobileRun tracking!
  • Exercise logging and workout calendar.
  • New tracking feature with barcode scanner, calorie coaching, meal shortcuts, and expanded food database.


The new features have already rolled out to Apple users. Don’t worry Android users, our update is coming soon. Remember the saying, “first is the worst, second is the best”? Well that’s how I feel about Android being tardy to the party. At least Fitbit gets more time to work out the kinks with the new features so when it gets to us…it will be running smoothly!


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Running, Redemption, & New Beginnings

Being a runner, you may face personal challenges on the journey…and sometimes lose focus. I love to hear how running has turned someone’s pain into triumph or challenges into victories. The other day I heard someone say they were disappointed that they had to walk during a race. They were legit upset with themselves—not to mention this race was super hilly. I said to myself, “I’ll walk a hill in a minute (i.e., without hesitation).” Some of those hills can be brutal! Just sayin’.  It’s easy to get down on ourselves. All it takes is one word or one negative thought. “I didn’t feel strong today”, “My pace wasn’t fast enough”, “I suck at this”…the list goes on. I’m guilty of it myself.


My husband is a part of the “Care-free Running Club”. He doesn’t wear a GPS sportswatch, he doesn’t care about his pace…he just runs. He reminds me often that running should be a care-free experience. Whether or not our long run met our expectations or whether or not we pushed hard enough—running is still a gift! For non-competitive runners (like myself), our competitive nature sometimes gets us all in our feelings and we start losing focus of what’s important. Running is freely given to almost everyone. Unfortunately, there are others who can’t experience that freedom. It makes you appreciate the gift much more. So if you’re having one of “those” days where it’s just not coming together…pull it back and say…”IT’S OKAY…I’m here!”

Need a little Fitspiration or Runspiration?

I came across a video about a homeless man who is preparing to run in the San Francisco Marathon. You read right…Homeless! Ronnie Goodman turned his life around through art and running. Watch his awesome film testimony!

The road to recovery and redemption.

We’ve heard many times that words have power. During a few of my recent training runs I started fixing the words that came out of my mouth. In other words, I started speaking words of life (even when I felt like I wanted to pass out or wanted to talk negatively, etc). The energy was different and it just worked! I felt much better after I was done. I felt victorious. I felt strong. We have to tell ourselves that we CAN, even when our mind and/or present circumstances says we can’t. We should never give up. I think Ronnie is a great testament of that!

Ronnie will be running with great purpose for a non-profit in the San Francisco Marathon, giving back to those who helped him. You can help him too. Visit #RunWithRonnie. To learn more about the Hospitality House visit here.

Wishing you God’s best, Mr. Goodman! You are a true inspiration!


“My running goes hand in hand with who I am. It makes everything feel at peace. I really don’t want too much. I just wanna get up and stay healthy and just enjoy this moment right here. Every runner wants that.” —Ronnie Goodman

Galatians 5:1




Princesses…Grab Your Tiaras!

disney12Princesses are you ready? The runDisney Princess Half Marathon weekend opens tomorrow, Tuesday, July 15, 2014 at Noon EST! The weekend will include: the Princess Half Marathon, the Enchanted 10K, the Glass Slipper Challenge, the Royal Family 5K, and Kids Races. And men, don’t feel left out…you can be a princess for a day too!


The Princess was my very first runDisney event ever! SO MUCH FUN! This time last year I remember being so anxious and excited about registering. I literally set 5 different alarms (starting at 9:30 a.m. cst time) and had out every device to make sure I got my spot in the 2014 Princess Half Marathon weekend! The races will sell out FAST, so don’t sleep. Even if you think you have time to wait to register, more than likely you don’t. It’s better to be prepared than to miss out. Good Luck!

To register for the Princess weekend, visit here and click “register” when registration opens.

In the meantime, here is my recap (3 parts) of my Princess Half Marathon weekend experience! Two words…A BLAST!