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 Why I Run

By:  Lisa Frost

It’s plain and simple. I was never a runner. If it involved running, sweating, breathing hard—I went the other direction. As life evolved, I realized that my family and I suffered from different diseases such as diabetes and congestive heart failure. One day I took a different perspective on life. I realized that my family is in heaven and it’s just myself and my daughter. I desire to live a long and healthy life for her. I will beat the odds against diabetes. I desire to be a fit, fabulous, and a healthy mom! I confess in Jesus name that my daughter will not lose her mother to diabetes!

My journey began with a trip to Urgent Care, which could have possibly ended in a hospital admission. The doctor explained how high blood sugar could lead to coma or even death. I knew this already because I had experienced a diabetic coma and almost lost my life. If that were the case, my daughter would now be in this world without any immediate family. I had to make a change for the sake of my daughter, Elisabeth. I had to make a change NOW!

I didn’t have any fancy runner gadgets or fancy running gear, but what I did have was the determination and desire to run for my health, my life, and my child. I put one foot in front of the other and BELIEVED! So, I started ‘Walk B4 U Run’ with a local running group (Black Girls RUN!). Running has helped me decrease my insulin dosage and lose a few pounds. Needless to say, I am proud of myself. This gave me the motivation to do more!

Now, I have a passion to run! I am motivated to keep running. Running has opened many doors that have been shut for several years of my life. Because of running I now enjoy Pilates, hiking, and aerobics…just to name a few—but most importantly a new, healthy lifestyle. These were all activities that I never had a passion for. I now celebrate the benefits of running to improve my health.

I completed my ‘Walk B4 U Run’ program with a feeling of accomplishment. I can’t even explain how I felt crossing the finish line! The best thing about running is the universe opened up and delivered an amazing group of women in my life. Women who are positive, motivating, encouraging, and living healthy lifestyles.

Now I buy running apparel, run magazines, and gadgets that are simply amazing. I used to say, ‘I don’t like to sweat. I don’t have time’—but I know I need running for my health and that makes me a better and healthier person. I have achieved so much and have received medals and certificates that I now display proudly to let the world know I AM A RUNNER!!!!


“I run for my lungs.

I run for my heart.

I run for sexy calves.

[I run to wear cute Bondi Bands]

I run for fresh air.

I run to organize my thoughts.

I run to race.

I run to get away…

I run in the morning.

I run at night.

I run for goals.

I run alone.

I run in company.

I run to move forward.

I run to be in the moment.

I run for the cute shoes

that hide my beat up feet.

I run to sweat.

I run trails, I run roads.

I run on good days

and I run through the rough ones.

I run to be the strongest healthiest version of me.”


Congratulations Lisa on being one of our Bondi Band Ambassador #WhyIRun Contest winners! Your story is so inspiring! Keep running and sharing with the world Why You Run!

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Why Do You Run? | Bondi Band Contest

Why Do You Run

We all run for different reasons and I love to hear why others run! Some have run their whole lives while others found their passion for running later in life. Whether it be for setting personal goals to improve lifestyles or overcoming challenges—we all have a reason. I’ve met some inspiring people on this journey and many stories fuel me to work harder and keep pushing towards my goals. Now Bondi Band wants to hear from you—Why Do YOU Run?

Here’s how the contest works:

  • Contest starts 8/21/14 through 8/24/14
  • Submit your “Why You Run” story to me by email at myprettybrownblog@gmail.com
  • The winners selected will be able to pick their two favorite Bondi Bands
  • Winners will be announced on 8/26/14


Best of luck!




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What I’ve Been Eating | 21 Days of Raw

I never knew eating raw food came with so many options! The more I learn the more excited I get. My 21 Days of Raw also gives me an excuse to get new kitchen appliances and gadgets! I recently purchased a food processor which was LONG overdue. Every holiday I say, “I’ll get one next year.” Who would’ve thought incorporating raw foods into my diet would spark me to finally get one. Not only that, I discovered the food dehydrator! I never knew they existed until I started my detox, but I’m so glad I now own one! There are so many things you can make with a dehydrator including one of my favorite snacks, kale chips! You can also make dried fruit, jerky, fruit/veggie chips, etc.

Look what arrived!

dehydratorI wasn’t sure which dehydrator to get so I researched and read reviews. The Presto Dehydrator (4-tray) seemed like it would be a great fit (for now). Raw foods are packed with nutrients and enzymes and when we cook them, we minimize their nutritional value. By using a dehydrator, raw food is dried at a low temperature and the nutrients and enzymes stay intact. I’m excited to make raw snacks because if you’re going to snack…they should be tasty AND enjoyed! Move over Lay’s!


What I’ve been snackin’ on!

dragonfruittttttI called several of my local healthy supermarkets looking for Dragon Fruit and finally found them at Whole Foods. They are quite interesting. They are also pretty pricey so if you’ve never had one, I suggest buying one and seeing if you like it. The jury is still out on whether I really like them or not, but they sure are “purrrdy”!


cocodates1I tried dates for the first time and I actually love them! These are rolled in coconut (unsweetened) which makes them super spesh! Earth Fare has a variety including: dates rolled in almonds or coconut, and plain. They also satisfy my sweet tooth!

flaxsnaxGo Raw—Pizza Flax Snax! These are nice little snack, especially if you have dip (ranch, french onion, etc.). Alone they are good—but for someone who never really munched on seeds, they can be a bit overwhelming. I did make a raw ranch dressing found here to go along with them. It turned out good!

justpurefoodsSpicy Jalapeño Tomato Chips—I absolutely love these raw chips and I can’t wait to make my own in my dehydrator! Just Pure Foods has a line of healthy, raw snacks. Look for them in your healthy supermarket.


Laughing Giraffe Organics—Chocolate Snakaroons! They are another great snack that satisfies that sweet tooth. I also found them in lemon flavor.



 earthfaresal1 Here’s what a typical lunch looks like. This lunch is from Earth Fare’s salad bar. I’ve played around with raw salad dressings too and I’m close to finding one that’s shareable. Stay tuned!

veg4The Veggetti! And yes, I love kitchen gadgets…especially those found on As Seen On TV! I purchased my Veggetti (spiralizer) at Bed Bath & Beyond.

 veg1 The Veggetti makes the perfect “zoodles”. I have prepared zucchini “noodles” by sautéing and topping them with marinara sauce and they really taste like noodles! After my #21daysraw, I definitely plan on making spaghetti and using them. On the flip side, they were a different experience for me raw. I never ate zucchini growing up and recently started being adventurous and found out that I like it! But, the zucchini was always cooked like my Zucchini Crisps found here. However, raw “zoodles” can be tasty if you add the right sauce! You can find a raw alfredo sauce here.

I’m over halfway way through my #21daysraw! There’s a great big world out there “in the raw”. I can’t wait to see what I discover next!

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21 Days of Raw

Hi guys!

I know it has been a minute since I’ve posted, but I had to get my mind right to prepare for this amazing Rawsome experience! *sarcasm* No really…I’m sure you’re like “what is she talking about?” I’ll be honest, many may think I’m nuts (pun intended…you’ll get that later). Let’s not talk about the looks I get when I respond to people as to why I’m not eating meat or scarfing down pizza leftover from an office meeting. Of course these are things that my heart would totally desire on any other day, but making healthier choices comes with a price—and it’s so worth it!


21DaysRaw Red


I decided to commit to 21 Days of Raw (plant-based) eating because my body was craving something different. I also really needed to detox from all of the foods, impurities, and randomness that my body has consumed or been exposed to. Plus, it always benefits us to get in more fruit, veggies, good heart healthy proteins, and even better when we practice healthier habits.

I was a Weight Watchers member years ago and I remember the “good healthy guidelines” consisted of five or more servings of fruit and veggies per day (nine servings if you are over 350 lbs). Did you know that the serving amount has changed? Today, it’s recommended that we eat at least nine fruits and veggies per day.

An example from the Harvard School of Public Health:

(1) For a person who needs 2,000 calories a day to maintain weight and health, this translates into nine servings, or 4½ cups per day (2 cups of fruit and 2½ cups of vegetables). For most fresh or cooked vegetables and fruits, 1 cup is just what you would put in a household measuring cup.


Eating raw has been a challenge. If you eat dairy, whole grains, meat, cooked foods, sweets “Oh, the sweets!” (basically everything that tastes good) or drink alcohol/wine…let me be the first to tell you, this ain’t easy! BUT…I am beyond capable of carrying it out to completion! So what can I eat/consume? Any uncooked vegetable (or steamed 7 minutes or less), fruit, sprouted beans, fresh juice, fresh fruit smoothies, organic herbal tea (preferably caffeine free), water, nuts, and seeds. I’m basically a “practicing-vegan” sans whole grains and cooked beans. Don’t get me wrong, I like to indulge every now and then, but I have to reel it in from time to time. I have to remember that eating a healthy diet is so important.

I’ll be posting about my experience and sharing some fun foods and recipes that I’ve discovered along the way! Be sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to go along for the Rawdiculous ride. I’ll be using the hashtags: #21daysraw and #artiecakeseats.

Do you eat a plant-based diet? Is raw food a part of your daily diet? If so, I’d love to hear from you and any tips, recipes, restaurants (especially if you are in the Birmingham area), or food favorites while eating…in the raw!


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