Cliff Huxtable Started It.

I need a support group! I blame late night infomercials and Cliff Huxtable. Everyone who watched the Cosby Show knows how much Cliff loved new gadgets. Well, it only took me going to three different Wal-Mart locations to find what I was looking for. Don’t ask my HB because he will beg to differ, I’m really not that bad. When it comes to As Seen On TV, my Mom is the Queen so maybe she’s rubbed off just a little. She always gives the best gifts for the holidays and birthdays. Somewhere in the mix of gifts is always a gadget of some sort from As Seen on TV. You can’t help but love whatever it is because it’s something you’ve always wanted! You know you love the Bacon Bowl and you have to admit the Chop Magic Chopper is pretty cool, but nothing takes the cake like a STUFZ


About Stufz and how it works:

Make stuffed burgers like a pro with Stufz the stuffed burger maker. Stufz Stuffed Burger Maker as seen on TV. Make delicious, mouth watering burgers stuffed with you favorite filling, cheese, mushrooms, garlic, onions whatever you want. It’s easy as 1 shape it, 2 stuff it, 3 seal it! Stufz creates a deep cup to hold your filling, and seals the sides for a perfect leak proof burger and locking flavor in. Stufz easily pops out the burger when ready. Dishwasher safe.

I love a sweet deal. Right beside my Stufz was the Perfect Tortilla Pan Set on clearance for $5.00. Taco salad anyone? I love the fact that you can ditch the frying and make your own taco salad bowl by baking it.

I’ll admit, I’m a gadget junkie—especially when it comes to the kitchen. Can’t wait to make some gourmet-style burgers with my Stufz! I’ll be sharing an update soon!

Fitbit Flexin’ Away Late Night Snack Attacks


I purchased a Fitbit Flex one month ago and I absolutely love it! I wear it daily and it truly has been an awesome tool to help achieve my fitness goals. Another plus to the Flex, you can personalize it with colorful accessory bands and it syncs to My Fitness Pal. For the fashion lovers, Fitbit will be teaming up with Tory Burch to create something super-chic! I don’t know what they will look like, but you can view sketches here.

What Fitbit Flex does and how it works:

  • Tracks steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes.
  • LED lights show progress against your goal.
  • Monitors your sleep and wakes you with a silent alarm.
  • Wear all day and night, even in the shower (I don’t shower in mine fyi).


I came home after Zumba a few nights ago, ate dinner, and was happy that I stayed under my calorie goal. I burn anywhere between 700-1000 calories in Zumba…so when 11 p.m. hit, I wanted something to snack on. I call these my “snack attacks” or “late night munchies” because they are after normal dinner hours. What did Art do? Went for reduced fat Cheez-it’s. I stick strictly to my servings, counting them out and all. I could have grabbed a bottled water and called it a night, but I’m a realist. I really wanted something to snack on. I should have had a snack after dinner, but I didn’t. By the way, it’s a myth that you can’t eat past 7 p.m. so yes, you can have a bedtime snack.

wpid-IMG_20140322_195152.jpg After drinking 90+ ounces of water, I didn’t want to taste “not anotha” drop! If I would have gone for water, it would have been the new Dasani Sparkling. By the way, I had it for dinner and it was so refreshing!


wpid-storageextSdCardDCIMCamera2014-03-26-10.14.12.jpg.jpgI’ve heard many say go for the fruit at bedtime, but others are against it–including experts. Fruits can be high in sugar and will raise your blood sugar level. My Sister, who is a high risk OB doc, suggests that I try protein-rich snacks like cheese or yogurt–or even a glass of milk before bedtime. We have been a team for many years on this journey so it’s nice to have someone you can share new ideas with. Now, I can’t believe I’m sharing this…she has me eating Cottage Cheese! Growing up neither one of us ate it and anytime it was suggested in a WW’s meeting we would have the world’s craziest “Eww Face”. I’m here to tell you that it’s not that bad! Actually I’m learning to love it and I’m looking forward to getting creative and trying new toppings. It’s a great snack, especially post-dinner.

Here is a list of healthy bedtime snacks. What are some of your favorites before bedtime? If you like cottage cheese–what topping(s) do you like with yours?

Get It Right, Get it Tight, and Be Happy!

SPRING IS HERE!!!!! And this is how I feel about it…

imageI am so excited! I remember saying last summer how I couldn’t wait for the cooler temps to arrive. After winter hit, I had to retract every single statement and thought that was anti-warm weather. I absolutely love fall, which is also my favorite season, but that winter? No ma’am, Pam! I’ll take spring and summer (yes, even the humidity) any day over the cold.

imageI got this Zumba “Feel the Music” bracelet for getting up on stage to dance during Zumba class. I even overachieved my Fitbit goal. I love to dance so I guess I was really feeling the music! My inner Latina always comes out. It’s not a workout, we truly have a party! It also helps having an awesome Zumba instructor! You rock, Marta!

wpid-20140318_193816.jpgMy “Operation Shrink A Bootie” Bondi Band played a part in motivating me through the workout. A girl has goals to meet! And yes, I was a hot-sweaty-mess after Zumba. Spring is here and who doesn’t want to be Summertime Fine? You can find this headband over at Bondi Band.

happyBy the way, Happy International Happiness Day! I didn’t know it either until iHeartRadio suggested a station dedicated to 24 hours of Happy Radio. Don’t you just love Pharrell’s new song “Happy“? I sure do! You can find it here…and listen to it for 24 hours.

I believe this new season will bring more than happiness–it will bring great JOY! Do you have any fitness goals for spring, upcoming races, fun trips planned, Spring Break (Oh, how I miss thee…)?



Lacing Up For Boston 5K, 10K, and Half | Fit, Fab, and Lean

I was so excited when I found out Fit, Fab, and Lean opened back up 50 more spots for the Lacing Up For Boston 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon. I did not want to miss out on this one! Can’t Run One Run For Boston? Here’s another chance to show support!


Virtual Race starts on Saturday, March 29 and you have through Monday, April 21st to complete your chosen distance.  You can log your miles indoors on a treadmill or outside…your choice!  And you can run the miles; walk the miles; or complete the distance through a combination of running AND walking!

The gorgeous finisher’s medal is polished silver and features a translucent blue sky. Wait until you see it…. it is FABULOUS!  

The virtual run will benefit The One Fund. There are 30 spots left (or less) and going fast! To register, visit here.

You’re welcome and Happy Running!