Disney Marathon Training Update + I Found “The One”

Hi guys! I know it has been a few weeks since I’ve updated on my training. I’m now on Week 7! It has been busy the past few weeks, but I have gotten my miles in. In the same day, I had homecoming festivities plus the annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K. It was so inspiring seeing so many out there supporting a cause that touches so many lives. The UAB Homecoming game (Yes, we won!) was right after the 5K — Go Blazers! I’m glad I was able to connect with my old classmates, friends, and sorority sisters!




UAB Homecoming Parade! Hey, Blaze!


UAB Homecoming 2014

I got to see my peeps, Chevy and Tiffany!


UAB Homecoming 2014

My Runna Stunnas/Sorors, Rayna and Tammy!



Training Update!

After returning from the Women’s Running Nashville Half Marathon (recap here), I decided it was time to “stop talking about it and be about it”. I had to find “The One”. I’ve tried so many shoes over the past few years and I still had not found “The One”. Well, after reading about Hoka One One in magazines and seeing posts about them, I decided I wanted to try them out. Just like fashion trends — running accessories, apparel, shoes, etc. have their own trend. The most recent was “Minimalist” shoes. Not saying they are a trend, but I kept hearing about Hoka. I would also see them from time to time at different races and I have even heard people say they look like “clown shoes” or feel heavy. I literally knew NO ONE who wore them, so I was really taking a chance. I went to Trak Shak, tried some on, and found what my heart and sole(s) had been searching for! They are, by far, THE BEST running shoes I’ve ever owned. Generally, I don’t really know until I’ve reaaallly worn them on a few runs; but since I have, I’m convinced. I’m here to tell ya…they are the best thing since “Slutty Brownies” (don’t judge me, I didn’t name them). Being that I’ve always ran in a stability shoe (bulkier), the size and weight of the shoes wasn’t an issue for me. Don’t sleep on em’.

This was my first long run (9-miler) in my Hokas! I got a little excited and ended up going too far. Glad I turned around when I did or I may have been running a marathon! I had a very strong run and my legs didn’t hurt or feel tired after I was done. Hello, Hoka and fall running! I do believe it’s the engineered mid-sole with 2.5x volume and great shock absorption. They also have a meta-rocker mid-sole which helps encourage gait speed roll from heel-strike to toe-off. Enough of the runner talk… (so not my style lol)



As you can see I loved them so much, I needed to get a back-up/alternate pair. I have always found it beneficial to rotate out my shoes between longer and shorter runs. I went with the Stinson ATR. I love this shoe because it transitions nicely into trail…as you can see. Also, on this 10-miler, I tried out the “Gingersnap” flavor Honey Stinger waffle and it was yumtastic! If you need fuel/energy on your run (walk, bike ride, etc.), Honey Stinger has a great line of products that are awesome. Oh heyyy, Batman! Thank you for sharing your Bat Wings! I needed the push.


I’m now on Week 7, with my long run on tomorrow. I had to switch days because it’s Magic City Classic weekend! No hay excusas.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
3.03 mi 6.01 mi 3.31 mi Rest 12 mi Rest Cross


I didn’t mention it earlier, but I made it official! I’m so excited that I have found my marathon shoe! WE are sole mates!

New Hokas
Over the past few weeks of training, I hit the 1000 mile mark with my Fitbit and I’m pretty stoked about it! “That’s nearly as far as walking the entire Florida coastline!”

fitbit 30000


That’s pretty much it for now. I’ll keep the updates coming. Oh, I did attend a Ladies Night Out with my local running store (FUN!) and I’ll be attending another one this week. I’ll share more about those in a later post!

Has your activity decreased since summer is over and fall is here?



Women’s Running Nashville Half Marathon Recap!

Hello Nashville!

I couldn’t wait to get to Nashville for the Women’s Running Series (WRS) Half Marathon! It was my fifth half marathon, excluding (2) virtual half marathons. My HB also wanted his first half marathon to have a sweet medal so he decided on the Women’s Running Half Marathon. *insert proud wife expression*  We found out about the WRS at the Disney Princess Half Marathon Expo last February. You can read my race recap here. My HB saw the medal and said…”I WANT that medal!” When I heard that the medal was going to be even sweeter than the year before…I was sold! You’ll see why in a minute.


On to the Expo!

I spy something shiny and big!


If you are a runner/walker (especially distance) or into athletics…you MUST look for The Stick people. You can find them at most race Expos but just in case you haven’t seen them, you can visit them online here. The Stick has changed my life! It goes into abyss of every muscle and will make it hurt so good. Works that soreness right on out. It’s easy to carry with you and can tuck nicely into your suitcase. They have different sizes available too. Trust me you’ll want one!



Of course Bondi Band was there!



FLOWERS! Fellow Flowers is a movement that was created by two amazing women to uplift, encourage, and connect us (women) through our passions…and to show the world, “We run simply because we get to.” Find out more about the amazing movement here.


I had the opportunity to meet, Tori, one of the core gems behind Fellow Flowers! She was super sweet!




This was my first race as a Half Fanatic! I also wore my first “Flower”. What it stands for is perfect as I prepare for my race in January. I BELIEVE and know that I CAN!



“Believe. To look within, to overcome. Loving myself enough. I have the will, the determination and the courage to defy the odds…and inspire. My challenges have made me a fighter – a survivor. They will not define me or confine me. I will run my own race. Different, beautiful and all my own. I believe in me and my potential. And I’m going to succeed because I’m brave enough to think I can.” fellowflowerbw


Race Day!

My socks were getting all the love. They are by Bondi Band and you can find them here!


It was my first time meeting Half Fanatics from around the globe! They are absolutely amazing and they provide great support and energy while you’re on the course! So happy to be a part of this group! #HF 6579

Half Fanatics WRSNash!


 Mama, I made it!!!

Mile 13 yay!


Can you tell where I’m headed?



Mimosas at the finish line waiting for us! How awesome is that?!



The lawn relaxing

 Live Band

Had to make a pit stop at the Smoothie King Truck‚ÄĒcompliments of Women’s Running!  And look at that smile…someone is happy to rock their FIRST half marathon medal/bling! I’m so proud!!! :) SK


Another half marathon in the books! I am absolutely in LOVE with this medal! The charm keepsake is adorable! This photo doesn’t do it ANY justice. It’s huge!WRNFinisherMedal

This is one of the best races and post-race party experiences I’ve ever had. Women’s Running Nashville was so much fun and the support and camaraderie was amazing! Even though the hills were alive…it was such a beautiful course. I can’t wait to return again next year! I have fallen in love with this city!


 A little fun on Broadway and Nashville Eats!

I found this placed called Fresh To Order (fine. fresh.food.) and loved it! For my pre-race meal, I ordered the Chopped Wedge and the manager was kind to give me a complimentary Raspberry Mojito Lemonade while I waited. Ah-mazingly refreshing! The Wedge was enough for 3-4 people to share…so yummy! No, I didn’t eat it all. I had it along with half of my Jet’s Pizza, Grilled Chicken “Boat”.



The day after the race we wanted to try out some of Nashville’s delicious barbeque! We weren’t sure of where to go so we asked a few people and went to the Yelp app to check out some reviews. Jack’s Bar-B-Que kept coming up so we decided to try it out! Broadway was clearly where all of the happenings were. There was a motorcade with hundreds and hundreds of bikers riding through Broadway along with a benefit concert by Dierks Bentley!






 I’m sorry, but you don’t go to a good BBQ place and order green beans! Just sayin’. The food was great!




If you go to Nashville with running shoes, you MUST leave with new cowboy boots!


Until next time, Nashville!




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Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Medals Revealed!

Look at those sweet medals! I promise within the next three years, I WILL be going after three of the medals at the same time. That would be the 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon (yes, all in one weekend, 22.4 miles). I haven’t wrapped my mind around Goofy Challenge (39.3 miles) or Dopey  Challenge (48.6 miles)…HECK-to-the-NO! Not saying I won’t ever either. I must admit the bling is quite enticing! Maybe once I’ve completed my first full marathon I’ll think about it. Until then…I’ll just drool over them and vicariously live through my friends who will be participating in Dopey Challenge 2015! As for the medals, even the kids have the Cutest-Bling-Ever! The Mickey ears are just too precious! I am not going to lie, everyone loves Mickey but I absolutely adore the Donald Duck Half Marathon Medal! I can’t wait to add it along with the other runDisney medals to my medal rack!



I Returned To The Place Where It All Began

I seriously cannot believe it’s October, y’all! Where did September go? Well, I’m happy it’s here! With the start of a new month is a new beginning.

For those who don’t know, I’m a past Weight Watchers (WW) member. I was first introduced to Weight Watchers by my sister when she was in college preparing for pageant competitions. She was highly successful with the program and she is now a Lifetime Member. She tried to get me to try it several times, but I didn’t think I needed to. I was young and I thought I was “fine”. Not in a conceited way, but I didn’t think I needed anyone to tell me how to incorporate healthy habits or how to lose weight. That was until LIFE hit me…

WW Simple Start MPBBI had to make a change for me. Growing up, I was very active (cheerleading, dance, sports, band, etc.) and I never had an issue with my weight. I didn’t care about what I ate, drank, etc. The older I got, the more I discovered so many people were being diagnosed with diabetes (or borderline) or facing other issues related to an inactive lifestyle and poor diet and nutrition. That was the wake-up call and that’s when I realized I needed to lose weight, become more active, and practice healthier habits. I knew I wanted a different path so I had to create it. I joined Weight Watchers in 2008 and I had great success. I lost 55 lbs in seven months and I have the photo in my little black dress to prove it.

Fast-forward eight years later…

I’m older, much wiser…and I recognize the older I get, the harder it gets. Yes, it’s true what they say…things start to slow down after 30. I’ve tried it all and have come to realize that Weight Watchers really is a great fit for me. It just WORKS! People always laugh about Jennifer Hudson sangin’ with robust vocal thrusts in the WW commercials, but I say it’s because she’s happy that it really does work! lol Over the years, I learned so much from the program, meetings, and success stories and even when I’m off the program, I carry pieces of it with me.

Weight Watchers is the place where my journey to better health FIRST began. I always miss it when I’m away too long, but I’m happy to say, I have returned to my roots! It’s true what they say…diets DON’T work! Eating healthy and practicing healthy habits DOES! I need accountability and structure. “You snack it, you track it”…”You bite it, you write it.” I want to be the best ME and I’m excited to be a part of a program that encompasses the tools I need to help me make it happen. It’s a lifestyle change that will benefit me for the rest of my life. Slow and steady wins the race!

It feels good to be back!


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