Update! Fitbit Bling + New Accessories

I absolutely love my Fitbit Flex! I’ve had it since February and I wear it daily. The only complaint I have is how easily it can come off if I snag it just right. I’ve had a few close encounters where I almost lost it. Talk about panic mode! The first time my Flex accidentally caught the strap of my handbag. The second time it caught the grocery bag as I slipped the bag on my forearm. Clearly, I thought I was “Incredible Hulkette” carrying 50 bags out of the grocery store sans buggy. The third time, I thought I lost it in Wal-mart. I furiously drove back to see if it were in the path of my grocery list. As I was getting out of my car, to my surprise, it was on the side of my seat. *Praise Break and thank you, Jesus!* because this is a $100+ investment. I looked online to see if I could find something that could fix this issue.

FitbitblingI Googled “Fitbit fastener and clasp” and came up with quite a few options. Amazon and eBay had a variety. Of course I went with colorful! :)



fitbling2 Here’s a closer look of the fasteners and clasps. So excited that I found these! There were so many fun colors to choose from. Just slide the fastener on the band and it will snug your band like a watch fastener. The clasp is interchangeable too! I love my free gift from the company! I sent half of them to my sister to have a little bling fun! You can find the clasps and/or fastener accessories here, and here, and also here—or you can Google and see what you can find.

And BTW…

Tory Burch for Fitbit has launched!

You can find the new Tory Burch Fitbit collection here. I think I have enough bands (4) for now, but here are a few of the accessories that I like:

TBGdTB pink

Fitbit also has some new, cool features:

  • Run stats, route maps, and music controls. Yesssss…to MobileRun tracking!
  • Exercise logging and workout calendar.
  • New tracking feature with barcode scanner, calorie coaching, meal shortcuts, and expanded food database.


The new features have already rolled out to Apple users. Don’t worry Android users, our update is coming soon. Remember the saying, “first is the worst, second is the best”? Well that’s how I feel about Android being tardy to the party. At least Fitbit gets more time to work out the kinks with the new features so when it gets to us…it will be running smoothly!


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Snooze You Lose. It’s National Running Day!


Today is National Running Daya coast-to-coast celebration of running! This is the day that runners reaffirm their passion for running and hopefully newbies will join in and share on this amazing journey. I started running back in 2011 and it has been such a rewarding part of my life. I’ve learned a few things over the past few years. It’s NOT about size, race, pace, shape, height—it’s about doing something you enjoy and love—okay, sometimes love/hate. Kidding! Seriously, running has great health benefits too! Yes, there may be days where you just don’t wanna or when training may be brutal, but the rewards (yes, plural), far outweigh the pain, early mornings, late evenings, hot summer days, frigid mornings, and yes, even humid nights. Never listen to doubters, you can do ANYTHING as long as you believe and have the determination.

Speaking of early mornings, Sole Sistahs on a Mission hit the pavement this morning to kick-off NRD with 5 miles! I’m so blessed to surrounded around an amazing group (BGR) of women that keep me motivated. They totally rock and Kick-Asphalt! I think after getting up at 4:30 a.m. I deserve a treat! I need to find a Sno Biz and get me a shaved icee.





Post Run Selfies: I tried, but I’m still trying to figure out where to look and not cut my face out. I think I’m going to invest in one of those selfie gadgets! I am a gadget junkie, ya know.

believe in yourselfRunning creates an atmosphere for life-change and a commitment to better health. It gives you time to think, relax, meditate, pray, chat, and just be. Go at your pace, there is no competition. Unless of course you are trying to run a race against Marathon MEB! I’m surely NOT…I’d like to Live! Lol No really, this race is for me and my life. I’m so grateful for each opportunity that I get to hit the pavement, the treadmill, and even go for a walk. Everyone is not able to do what I do. Having this ability is something I will NEVER take for granted.

So…get out there, go for a run and enjoy this beautiful day!

Happy National Running Day!!!


“Like the marathon, life can sometimes be difficult, challenging and present obstacles, however if you believe in your dreams and never ever give up, things will turn out for the best.” – Meb

96 Miles To Go? Don’t Curb My Gymthusiasm!

wpid-img_67511556759067.jpegLast week was the longest, shortest week ever! It seems like it went on forever. I couldn’t wait until the weekend so I could somewhat relax. Since I joined a new gym, I’ve been really excited about adding variety to my workouts and more weight training. I seriously think I’m becoming a gym enthusiast! After attending mainly classes (Body Step, Body Pump, etc.) for so many years, you get burned out. I’ll still have my weekly Zumba fix! I was supposed to rest on Friday, but I had to make sure I got my required mile in for the Runner’s World Run Streak Challenge. I slept in on Saturday which is rare. I’m usually up by 6:00 a.m. to run followed by Zumba. I needed the rest.

rsbridalI attended the bridal shower of this sweet bride-to-be, my friend, Russandra! Isn’t she beautiful?! I can’t wait to see her all dolled up on her special day!

runhumAfter the bridal shower I still had to get my 1 mile run in for the #RWRunStreak Challenge. It was so hot and HUMID! Can’t you tell? I had a 7 miler on the menu, however, the sun went down faster than I anticipated. I headed to the gym to get my remaining 4 miles in—and to my surprise (I don’t know why when I know the hours), it was closed! WOMP!

wpid-20140601_142210.jpgIt was a Beatles kind of day on Sunday! I mean seriously, who doesn’t love The Beatles!? I decided they would be a part of my Sunday Runday playlist.

100mileIt rained so hard out of nowhere and I was trying to figure out when I was going to go run. It came down pretty hard as if the bottom completely fell out. I normally don’t workout on Sunday, but I’m glad I was able to get in my remaining 4 miles (including 1 mile for the challenge). I had to kick off the month of June right, and I added a cherry on top. I plan to run/walk 50 miles in June! The June challenge is 100 miles, but I’m in Alabama. Pure crazy awesomeness! Now depending on the heat/humidity, I may keep it at 50 or perhaps (maybe) 75 miles. But let’s be honest, 100 is a great goal to strive for!? No? lol Well, I definitely don’t want to go too hard, because I’ve already started pre-training and my official marathon training is right around the corner. Can you say, excited?

Now that summer is almost here, do you have any goals? Are you participating in any challenges?

I’m Streaking Into Summer! Runner’s World Run Streak Challenge

What’s more exciting than streaking? Okay, it’s not THAT kind of streaking. It’s the Runner’s World Run Streak Challenge which started on Memorial Day and goes until Independence Day (Friday, July 4)…for 40 consecutive days! *cue the fireworks* I had so much fun and enjoyed so much food over the holiday, I think this challenge came at the perfect time.

imageI recently decided to take on a few challenges and one of those is the 500 mile challenge which started January 1. I am already 207+ miles in even though I took a sabbatical after my the runDisney Princess Half. I’m excited to get back focused. You can share your Runner’s World Run Streak on Twitter and Instagram by using the hashie #RWRunStreak. It’s a fun way to see who all is involved. This will definitely help me get to my 500 mile goal. Plus, summer is a month away and it’s a great way to keep yourself active. You only have to complete one mile a day. That’s about 15 minutes (give or take), just complete a mile. This will be my first time running consecutively for this many days so don’t feel like you’re alone. We’re in this together!



wpid-2014-05-25-11.30.22.jpg.jpegI kicked off my challenge early since I knew I would be on the road. I took it to the streets of beautiful, downtown Montgomery with 3+ miles. It was a very nice and peaceful run. The heat was a gentle reminder that I need to make sure I get my bum up early to get my miles in. It’s not even summer yet and it got hot quick!




According to my Fitbit stats I think this was a great start to the #RWRunStreak Challenge! I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day!

Come join the fun! Now who’s streaking with me?